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This is a Charmed roleplaying community which anyone is welcme to join, so long as they are willing to follow the rules. Which are as follows:

1. To join this community, you must submit an application to the occ board which is located at occ_charmed. Information to include in this bio of your character would be

Characters Name:
Characters Age:
Characters Gender:
Characters Brief History:
Characters Personality Traits:
Relationship to other characters in Charmed:

Your Name:
Your Age: (optional)
Your Email address:
Your AIM:
Your YIM:
A little about yourself:
Anything to add:

2. You can apply as a cannon character from the tv series or you can apply as an original character. Please keep things real to the show though, no long-lost siblings showing up again!

3. Do not post as your chosen character until you have been accepted by the mods of the community.

4. Do not flame anybody or critiscise their writing. If you have problems with the way someone is behaving in the community, please talk to me or one of the other mods on aim (beesdontsleep) or email one of the us. We will deal with it.

5. Dont take over a character until you are sure it is available.

6. Any NC-17 or R-rated stuff must be put behind an lj-cut. To find out how to do this, check out the lj faq's.

7. Fan fic is also allowed but must also be put behind an lj-cut.

If you want to know anything else, or think of anything that could be added, please feel free to email or IM me, i dont bite, and my name is kirsty. My lj user name is dabria and i will be rp-ing Paige Matthews Halliwell. Feel free to make your own original character.


Mod's of this community.
dabria ~ Kirsty is our temperate mod, who made this community, since there were no other Charmed rpgs at the time. She tries to be fair, but she can be a stickler for rules and being true to the show. If you have any problems with Characters or the plots, go see her. Her email is eeyores_friend@hotmail.com or talk to her online.

buttercup31 ~ Alicia is our nice mod, who knows lots about charmed! If you need advice about roleplaying or info about charmed, she is your woman! Her LJ email is buttercup31@livejournal.com, or talk to her online, its up to you!

Characters taken so far:
Paige Matthews Halliwell ~ dabria ~
Piper Halliwell Wyatt ~ buttercup31
Phoebe Halliwell ~ sydne_bristow
Leo Wyatt ~ viggosranger
Chris Perry/Halliwell ~ cryptic_design
Seth Davis ~ fallingpisces
Jak Fallow ~ rustyreptile
Sander Columbus ~ kink_master06

There is now a ban on in this community! NO more long-lost sisters/daughters/sons/cousins of the charmed ones whether dead/alive or from the future/past/present. Its getting crazy in here and i REALLY want some original characters! ok? thank you all, love kirsty xx