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The Power Of Three [entries|friends|calendar]

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Chris and Leo's Troubled Relationship. [20 Jul 2004|05:19pm]

"You abandoned me, Leo! You always were there for Wyatt, but you never seemed to make time for me." Chris yelled.

Chris looked at Piper and Phoebe as they entered the room. Chris Acknowledged them and then continued on with Leo.

"I never once asked for anything, except for the same compassion and understanding that you showed for Wyatt. I AM YOUR SON TOO. And you couldn't take one damn minute away from your precious elders, even when it meant losing mo..." Chris stopped, he had almost revealed something that he shouldn't...

The look of surprise on Chris's face must have been seen by Phoebe. She looked at Chris and very calmly asked, "What were you going to say Chris?". Chris looked around, everyone was staring at him. Piper stared inquistively at him for a moment. Leo was staring at him as well with the same look as Piper.

Chris began to sweat. He knew that he had almost messed up. How could he cover this up? He had to think quickly.

"I-I- I mean, What I meant to say was me. Yes, me. I am just so frustrated with Leo that I was mispronouncing words. You know how it is when you get angry. You're an empath Phoebe, you should have felt the anger the minute you walked in the room am I right?"

Phoebe nodded in confirmation. Chris knew that he had narrowly escaped changing the future more then he was destined to do. Feeling the tension in the room, Chris decided that it was time to leave the adults alone to discuss other things.

"Uh... I have some things to take care of. I will be back soon, OK."

Chris looked around the room to make sure everything was OK. As he began to orb, Leo Called to him.

"Chris, what about our talk? We need to close things off or come to some sort of understanding."

Chris orbs fell away and he was still standing there. Phoebe made a weird noise as Chris turned around to face Leo.

"We are THROUGH talking Leo! I don't think that we can ever come to an 'agreement' as you put it. I will close things off right now, understand?"

And Chris Orbed out leaving Phoebe, Piper and Leo alone in the hallway leading to the attic, all staring at the space that Chris had left.

"Oooo, He was pissed" Phoebe commented as Piper and Leo shot dirty glances her way.

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The Beginning: Part II [20 Jul 2004|10:43am]

“Piper?” called a familiar voice.

“Prue!” Piper called looking around for her lost sister. “Prue, I’m coming! Tell me where you are!”

“Piper!” the voice called again.

“Prue! I’m coming! Come back!” Piper screamed into the hazy darkness.


Piper shot upright in her chair. The voice was clear now but it did not belong to her sister Prue. Of course not…Prue is dead. She has been for over 3 years now. Every time Piper had to come to that realization it hit her like a ton of bricks. No, the voice did not belong to Prue, it belonged to Phoebe.

“Piper, you were dreaming. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just…just another Prue dream. I’m fine.”

Phoebe looked a Piper with deep sympathy and understanding, “Honey, you weren’t looking for ways to bring Prue back again, were you?”

Piper looked down at the Book of Shadows on which she fell asleep last night. She understood where Phoebe would get that idea, “No, I wasn’t.“ Clearing her throat she continued, “I was looking for some sort of reason…explanation for why unborn Chris doesn’t have the protective force field. It just seems weird to me that one child would have it and the other does not. It worries me.”

“Any clues?” asked Phoebe.

“Not a one. I wish I could figure this out. Not just for me, but for Chris. He has so many issues, I would love to give him peace of mind on just one thing.”

“I know you would. But while we’re on the subject of Chris and his issues that’s why I came to get you. He and Leo are at it again.”

Piper rolled her eyes and rose from the chair, which was not an easy task these days as she entered her 9th month of pregnancy, “This has got to stop.”

With Phoebe leading the way, they left the attic to stop whatever fight was occurring between father and son. As they descended the stairs Piper could hear Chris yelling something about abandonment.

“He’s like a broken record sometimes.” Piper said to Phoebe. As they cleared the stairs and entered the foyer, both Chris and Leo came into view.

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[01 Jun 2004|02:57pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Seth's mist appeared near a shoreline and solidified with is feet in the water. As he did so a man which black scales over part of his body came yellow eyes came up from the water. This man was well built, and darkly tan, as opposed to Seth who had a lean build and was pale.

"Did they consider your request?" The man asked as soon as he was up to Seth.

Seth nodded as his shape turned into a scaled merman, "One of the sisters is most likely convincing the other two that the should help me."

"You think it will work."

"She is taken by me. I think she will."

Seth looked away and to the lapping water at his green and silver scaled feet, "Hadras does you father know of outr intentions?"

Hadras smiled a wiry smile, "No but he soon will."

"Will he be pleased?"

"Doubtful but it will but an end to his foul ways."

Seth nodded, "Then let our plan be carried out."

Hadras nodded and turned his back to Seth, his shape turned and he dropped into the water louldy as a black tiger shark. without a word he swam away in a dangerous and swift swiiming stride.

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[14 May 2004|02:21am]

Piper looked at Phoebe with a puzzled look on her face. “Okay…Kitchen?”

As she began descending the stairs she said, “I think if we combine the reverse human to animal spell with a potion to reveal one’s true form we might get somewhere.” Closing the book she sighed, “But I have a feeling that we may need to find what turned the gremlin before we can reverse the magic—“ before Piper could finish a wave of nausea and severe dizziness hit her. Stopping in her tracks she stumbled a bit before leaning on the wall and sliding down.

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[14 May 2004|12:05am]

[ mood | determined ]

guys, please check out occ_charmed regularly. thats what its there for ok? thanks.

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[29 Apr 2004|11:24pm]

Seth walked up to the manor and looked up at the pink victorian house. A grim smile touched his lips as he wondered how many demons had met their death with open arms here.

He walked up to the door and put out his hand to knock only to retract it immediatly. Butterflies rapidly rose in his stomach. He bit his lip and breathed in deeply. He was afraid of looking at Paige again. He remembered her brown eyes and they way she moved... He shook his head hard. This wasn't him. He was cool, confident and strong.

He held up his head and focused his royal-icy blue eyes on the door. And knocked.

As soon as his hand touched the door, pain shot through his arm and hit him in the head. He felt pull of a premonition take a hold of him. His head felt like it was exploding. His back hit the side of the house threshold wall hard and he held his head. He opened his eyes and they showed a pitch black where his irises were once blue. Finally the images came.

Girls. Three. Sisters. Demon. Throws one girl. Fireball hits another one. She is ash. The third one throws atheme, he catches and throws it at her. Hits her in the chest. She falls. Demon picks up small form. Draws knife. Small one screams.

Abruptly the images stop. Leaving Seth on his hands and knees gasping. He blinks and his eyes are once again blue. He could feel the presence of unconciousness start to take over him. He shook his head for a second, but let the alluring darkness of his mind take him.

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[27 Apr 2004|05:22pm]

[ mood | creative ]

"Where's Leo?" Chris asked the man in the golden robe.

"Chris, you know that Leo is a busy man. As am I! You can't expect me to keep track of every single elder now do you?!" The man asked.

"You're right, I'm sorry. I just have to ask him a question about the sister's." Chris replied.

"Ah, yes. We have heard," The man said turning to walk away. "I beleive that Leo is with them, the sisters, as we speak. Maybe you should go and talk... to your father?" The man said, slightly smirking.

Chris's face dropped, how could they know? Well, they do see EVERYTHING that happens on earth so its only natural, he thought.

"Maybe I should." Chris responded.

As Chris pondered this new thought he orbed to manor.

Chris appeared standing in the middle of the living room. Where is everyone? he thought. Chris started to walk up the stairs to the attic, anticipating that if they were anywhere in the house, they would be in the attic.

Chris reached the attic door and a knot began to form in his stomach. He was extremely nervous to talk with his 'father' about what their relationship was like in the future, the neglect. Chris heard footsteps approaching the attic door. I can't do this, not now, he thought. Just as the door handle began to turn Chris orbed out.

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[23 Apr 2004|06:58pm]

Seth slammed hard against the wall, and slumped to the ground.

"I told you to kill the gremlin!" The demon yelled.

Seth picked himself up and glared at the demon, "The girls got in the way. I couldn't risk them getting hurt."

The demon snorted, "You think I care about those insolent little witches? I rather you did kill them."

Seth shook his head at the demon, "No I can't. They play a part in something big. And I need every...single...one...of them...alive."

The demon gave him a smoldering stare, "I don't care! I will kill you if I need to!"

Seth froze and slowly brought his eyes up the demon. Quicker than a blink of an eye, he crossed the room and held the demon up by the neck.

"I think you are mistaking who can kill who. I am only being your pawn so that I can information out of you. So as promised I will kill the gremlin. Just remember, you will give me the information I need."

The demon nodded quickly.

Seth smiled and dropped him, "Good...I'll be back when the demon is dead."

He smiled a half smile and shimmered away.

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[23 Apr 2004|05:54pm]

[ mood | awake ]

As Paige walked into the attic, with Leo close behind her, she noticed her sisters staring at something, and both of them motioning for her to stop and be quiet. She turned to look at Leo, and getting a confused look from him also, looked back to her sisters, then to where they were looking. She couldnt see anything amid the piles and boxes of junk to the back of the attic, and turned to phoebe.

"Um....guys?" she asked, getting a look and a hissed "SSSHHHHH!!!!" from both. Changing her voice to a whisper, she said "What exactly are we looking at?"

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[17 Apr 2004|07:46pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Paige orbed out of the attic to get her sister. She was still mad at chris ordering her about, but she guessed it was kinda his place being their whitelighter and all. What she couldnt handle was leo bringing in that stranger to watch over them. They didnt need it, honestly, what was leo thinking?

She appeared in Hong Kong, in Phoebes apartment, looking around for her older sister. She heard sounds of life from the bathroom and the next minute Phoebe appeared, looking surprised to see paige there. "hey Paige, whats up?" she asked her younger sister.

"We need you to come home, i mean to the manor, we might need the power of three, though personally i think chris may be over exagerating." Phoebe looked at her quizically, "Oh its nothing ill explain when we get there," and with that paige took hold of phoebes arm and orbed out back to san fransisco.

They appeared in an alley way, somewhere downtown and paige looked about herself confused.

"Paige, what are we doing here?" asked phoebe, with a wary tone to her voice. It was dark and the alley didnt look the safest place to be.

"i dunno, i didnt orb here. well i guess i did, but i didnt mean to, i meant to orb to the manor. Thats never happened before." the younger girl looked more concerned about how she orbed to the wrong place than what they were actually doing here, and looked at phoebe just in time to shout "DUCK!" as a demon threw an energy ball at her sister. It exploded of the wall behind her sister, phoebe being thrown by the blast against the opposite wall, and knocked unconcious.

Paige looked up at the demon, as he walked towards her, punching her backwards, as she landed sorely on her back. She looked up to try and orb the energy ball from his hands, but before she could, three red scythe like lights flew towards him and he stood confused for a few seconds before exploding. Paige looked up, still on her back to see seth standing over her.

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[14 Apr 2004|08:57pm]

Seth's red shimmer reappeared in an alley a few blocks away from the store. He leaned gard against a wall and sighed heavily. He as no idea that this girl was a whitelighter. The last thing he needed was the elders after him.

Seth closed his eyes and waited, a few seconds later a man appeared infront of him in a green shimmer. Seth opened his eyes and craned his neck in a small bow to the man. The man stood motionless. Seth seemed to say nothing to the man but the exchange was mental.

"What do you need this time?"

"I have a whitelighter on my tail. I need her gone."

"Are you sure she is a whitelighter?"


"Learn more about her. You will find that you can either help her or rid yourself of her."

The man nodded and was gone in a green shimmer.

Seth turned away from where the man was, could this whitelighter actually help? Was she someone that could help him?

Maybe, he thought, I could help her.

He looked around and as he walked backwards he shimmered away.

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Piranez [14 Apr 2004|05:08pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

'It's 10 in the morning and already things are going wrong.' Piper thought when she heard the scream.
"What the--" Whirling around Piper ran from the kitchen and into the foyer. Piper came to a sudden stop as she saw a teenage girl dusting herself off and pushing her short dirty blonde hair out of her face in the middle of the foyer.
"Ok, remind myself never trust Holly to make a good potion!" muttered the 14 year old girl.
"Who the hell are you?" Piper asked still bewildered.
"AUNT PIPER!" cried the girl and ran over to Piper, encasing her in a large hug.
"Oh my goddess, you're still pregnant with Chris! At least Holly put me in the right time. I swear that girl's gonna kill some one with those potions of hers, but hey, you gotta love her," she smiled at Piper and looked about her.
"Wha-- Who-- Wait a second, how do you know about Chris? What do you mean 'Aunt Piper'. Who is Holly-- who are you!" Piper was practically frantic now but Piranez just smiled.
"Mom said you'd react this way," she laughed, "I guess I should answer some of your questions, huh? Well, first off, I know about Chris because-" Just then Chris orbed in.
"Hey Mom, can we-" Chris stopped mid sentence when he noticed the teenager standing beside Piper. "Piranez?! Is that you?" he rushed over to her and picked her up, swinging her around in a gigantic hug. She laughed as Piper stood bewildered watching her son swing around this girl he seemed to know.
"Chriiiis?" Piper said, "Uh, who is she?"
Chris placed her back down and and smiled at his mom, "Oh, it's OK, Mom, don't worry! This is my cousin Piranez Halliwell."
"Pira-- Halliwell?! Cousin! What do you-" Piper started.
Piranez interrupted before Piper could have a nervous break down, "Aunt Piper, my name is Piranez Marie Halliwell. My mom is your sister, Phoebe. I've come from the future to be trained by you, Mom, and Aunt Paige. So... hi!"

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[14 Apr 2004|11:48am]

The elder looked at Perry.
"You know you have to go to them now. They need you. You need to learn how to become one of your own kind. Keeping you here was a major taboo," he told her.
"O Justin I don't care! I am to be married to you any ways right? Right?!" Screamed Perry. Usually she was used to getting her way. Ever since she had been here everything went her way.
"And when you can come back I will marry you," Justin held her tight and then looked at her.
"So what will it be like?" Perry asked him.
"It will be different. I can't explain it to you. My God you have gotten prettier each day. I will miss you my princess. The princess that my parents wanted me to marry when I was human didn't even come close to your beauty," he breathed heavily.
"Goodbye my Prince Justin," said Perry crying. Now she was upset. She'd never cried before especially like this. Soon Chris appeared before her. Secretly Perry didn't even think about telling the dashing Prince Justin but recently since Chris had shown up she had developed a bit of a crush on him.
"Now Chris you are to lead Perry down to her aunts the Charmed ones and she is to be there until we summon for her again. No man shall lay a finger on her understand?" Justin gave the strict orders.
The two then shimmered down to the mortal world of the Charmed One's house.
"So this is what the boring do..." commented Perry as she looked around the house until she ran into her Aunt Piper.

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[14 Apr 2004|02:10pm]

[ mood | productive ]


“AHH!” screamed Piper as she dropped a tray of cookies and whipped around. Apparently Paige had silently orbed in behind her, and she was obviously quite agitated. “What’s wrong?”

“He shimmered!” Paige yelled.

As she picked up the cookies, with a puzzled look on her face Piper asked, “who? What? Shimmered? Huh?”

“That innocent, Seth, is a demon!”

“What?” asked Piper incredulously.

“Oh yeah, just great.” huffed Paige as she plopped onto one of the stools next to the island.

Piper walked around the island and rubbed Paige’s back, “I’m sorry sweetie. Sometimes you aren’t meant to save but to protect others.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s just…he was—“


Through a scrunched face Paige muttered, “hot.”

“Ahhh. That’s why he’s under your skin.”

“He’s not under my skin. I just –“

“Want his body?”

“No, thank you. I’d just rather save him than vanquish him.”

“I understand. All I ask is that you don’t bring home another Cole –“ before she could finish her statement an unearthly crash rang throughout the house. Both girls bolted from the kitchen to the source of the crash.

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[14 Apr 2004|12:46am]

promoting of this community was done in my community so I'm gonna promote here in return.

come join we_luv_charmed and come share the fun with other fans of Charmed. :-D

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[14 Apr 2004|01:00am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Paige walked into the manor, slamming the door behind her and stormed into the kitchen. Piper poked her head around the kitchen door, looking quizically at her little sister.

"Whats wrong Paige?" she asked, wiping her hands on her apron and coming to stand in the hall. Paige sighed in frustration before answering.

"Its this temp job. My boss is an ass, and he fired me"

"Fired you?" interupted piper "what did you do?" Paige looked at her sister with a hurt look on her face

"i didnt do anything" she stressed "i was trying to help an innocent, that i know i was meant to help, but he goes on about me not doing my job correctly and leaving my post unattended, yadda yadda yadda, honestly, no one ever came in there anyway. Except this one guy, and he was the one i was trying to help." she shrugged her shoulders dejectedly. "So now i have no job" she finished with a sigh. Piper looked at her before saying anything. Paige seemed really worked up, and she didnt usually care so much about her temping jobs.

"tell me more about this innocent you were meant to save" she asked, trying to calm paige down. Paige took a deep breath, trying to control her emotions before telling her sistre everything.

"Ok, his name was seth, and he's been coming in to Fergusons for about two weeks and i dunno, there is just something about him, i know im meant to help him, but how can i now? Its all messed up, it wasnt meant to be like this" she sighed again, causing piper to frown at her.

"right that is enough. stop moping about and do something. If you were meant to help him, then go help him, i wont have you cluttering up the place, moaning negative vibes at my unborn child." Paige looked shocked at the reprimand, but was slightly glad that piper seemed to have gotten over the emotional phase of her second preganancy

"ok, ok, theres no need to be mean" paige said half-mockingly as she started up stairs to the book. "i can use a finding spell right?" she called down, stopping as she heard the firm "NO" from her sister. "Fine ill do it the mortal way" she grumbled to herself, trudging back down the stairs, picking up her keys on the way out of the door.

"Good luck" came pipers singsong voice from the kitchen, causing paige to mutter sarcastically under her breath.

She pulled up to Fergusons and, locking the car, made her way inside, hoping seth would be there. Her luck was in, he was standing next to the water cooler in the lobby. She could see her replacement sitting high behind the receptionists desk and scowled at her blonde hair and manicured nails. Turning her attention back to the matter in hand she waved over

"Seth!" she called "seth its me, paige"

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